5 Strong Reasons Your Dog Should Sleep in Your Bed


Should you let your dog sleep in your bed? It’s a controversial topic for a long time. Some people think there is no problem for this and it’s very good for both you and your dog. But some other people think it’s really bad to let your dog sleep in your bed. Because it’s easy to infect you with diseases and you can’ t sleep well.

There are people who have slept with their dogs for over 10 years without any problem. And I think it has many benefits for both you and your dog. For the problems it may cause or the potential risk, they can be prevented.

So why should you let your dog sleep in your bed? What are the benefits?

1. You get better sleep

Studies have found out that caring for your dog is helpful for dealing with depression and stress. The hugging or touching of your fur baby can instantly calm yourself when you are stressed or anxious.

Some of my friends said that they felt calmer and safer or more relaxed when they slept with their dogs. So they slept better. On the opposite side, some people even can’t fall asleep without sleeping with their dogs.

2. Dogs get better sleep

As I know, some dogs even cry when they can’t sleep with their owners. But when they are moved to the owner’s bed, they don’t cry any more and fall asleep. It makes them feel so much better to put them in the owners’ bed. They know the owners are there and they can smell them all night.

3. You build better bond with your dog

There are 9 effective ways to build good relationship with your dog, including spending more time with your dog, training your dog and touching your dog and so on. You probably have noticed, all these three things can be done when you sleep with your dog.

First, you give some training to your dog so that they don’t disturb your sleep. I will talk more about this later. And of course you spend more time with your dog. For touching, what can be a better touching than sleeping with your fur baby?

It’s so good for both you and your dog. After a better relationship is built, your dog will have a stronger willingness to obey your commands. And better bond will definitely make your dog much happier.

4. You feel safer and less lonely

You sleep with your lovely dog, how can you feel lonely? The companionship of your loving dog can ease the loneliness. And you definitely feel safer. It’s an instinct for a dog to protect it’s owner all the time, just like this brave cutie, who saved his owner’s life in a fire. How lucky is his owner to have him!

5. You don’t have to turn on your heat

What can be a better footwarmer than your dog in winter? You may even don’t have to turn on your heat because your dog is so warm!

Your dog can disturb your sleep?

Some people think that a dog in bed can disturb their sleep. But this is really no big deal. If your dog takes too much space, just buy a king size bed.

If your dog scratch on the bed or do something else to disturb your sleep, just give it some training. It’s easy to train your dog to obey the rules and respect your bed. You can train it to get on the bed only when you invite and stay in the same area of the bed, such as the footer of your bed. And you can also train it not to scratch on the bed.

So some problems are really not problems at all. You really should try to sleep with your dog if you haven’t done it before. No need to worry that it may disturb your sleep. The position of your dog in the bed does not matter too. Whatever position in which you both feel comfortable is OK.

Things to be cautious of

There is no doubt that you can sleep with your dog. Many people have done this for over 10 years. But there are some things you should pay attention:

  1. If you have allergies, you’d better not sleep with your dog. Because you may wake up not being able to breathe
  2. If your dog is bed-guarding, you need to give it some training before letting it get on your bed
  3. Your dog should get regular veterinary care to decrease the risk of infection of diseases. And you can ask your veterinarian’s opinion before sharing bed with your dog.

Letting your dog sleep in your bed is no big issue as long as it doesn’t disturb your sleep. You just need to do some preparation. It’s beneficial to both you and your dog. It also enhances the bond with your dog.

Do you sleep with your dog? Or are you going to try this tonight if you haven’t done this before? Please leave your comment below.

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